Wayne & Barbara Blackford

Wayne and Barbara Blackford of Jacksonville, FL & Mesa, AZ

Wayne and Barbara started Square Dancing in 1965 and Round Dancing in 1972. They began teaching Rounds in 1974. They are members of the Round Dance Council of Florida, the Dixie Dance Council; I.C.D.B.A.; A.I.D.T.A.; and ROUNDALAB where they served several terms on the Board of Directors. In 1997 they became one of the first Round Dance Teachers to become a ROUNDALAB TEACHER/COACH of which they are very proud. In 1998 they were presented with ROUNDALAB’S 2nd highest award “THE SILVER CIRCLE” and in 2005 ROUNDALAB presented them with their highest & most prestigious award “THE SILVER HALO”. They are the ONLY recipients of all ROUNDALAB’S four (4) MA AOR AWARDS.

In January 2010 they were presented with the Dixie Round Dance Council’s “MICKEY MOORE AWARD”. In July 2010 they were presented with ICBDA’S GOLDEN TORCH AWARD. They are now the ONLY Round Dance leaders to have received all of the major awards presented for outstanding achievements, leadership, and contributions to our dance activity.

As full time National Round Dance Teachers, they winter in Mesa, AZ (teaching PH IV through PH VI). When their schedule allows them to they travel on weekends/ and are staff members at many festival/clinics and workshops i.e. Fontana Accent on Rounds; Star Spangles Banner Festival (Hunt Valley); Round A Rama; WASCA; Pride Dance Resort; The Holiday Round Dance Ball; and many more. They have conducted clinics and workshops at both the ICBDA and ROUNDALAB conventions as well as the annual ICBDA’S Wednesday Seminar and ROUNDALAB Teachers Seminars. They also served as ROUNDALAB’S Standardization Chairman for many years helping to develop the Phase System of Standards that we now use. They are the featured clinicians on the ROUNDALAB VIDEO TAPES as well at the addendum tapes, and have recently produced their own SERIES of INSTRUCTIONAL FIGURE VIDEO TAPES (which are available on DVD format).
They were clinicians at four of the first ROUNDALAB MINI-LABS conducted in Canada and continue to be Mini Lab clinicians. During the summer months, they travel extensively around the country and Canada conducting clinics, workshops, and teacher’s seminars. They conduct many of their own “Hot Pepper” Round Dance Weekends and Clinics as well as running a Round Dance Teacher’s School annually. They also directed a Round Dance Exhibition Team (The Reflections) which appeared at 10 National Conventions.

Their primary interest is education of both Dancers and Teachers. They are constantly involved in helping both the dancers and teachers (from beginning to advanced) in continuing their education. One of their strongest and most important goals is to help the training of new dancers and teachers.

They are also well known for their choreography as well as writing such favorite dances as “I Do I Do I Do”, “Satisfy My Soul”, “Venus”, “Vilja Rumba”, “Change of Seasons”, Rimini 4”, “I’ve Got My Eyes On You”, “He Was Beautiful”, “Rimini Waltz”, “Sombras”, “Jenell’s Serenade”, “You’re the Top Foxtrot”, and many more. Believing in continuing education they spend several hours weekly taking private ballroom lessons (from Larry Caves and U.S. Champions Jim & Jenell Maranto, Licentiates of the Imperial Society of Dance).
They are very thankful for all the friends they have made over the years all around the dance world and the opportunities they have had to give ack to this wonderful activity that has given them so much.

When they are not in Mesa, or on the road they enjoy spending time in Jacksonville with their family;, daughter Lauri & Son In Law Ken; daughter Kathleen & Son in Law Dale; granddaughter Kristen; grandson Anthony; and 4 wonderful great grandchildren.

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